viewsafe infrared window slide

The Viewsafe Infrared Window Maintenance Slide is the ultimate tool for inspecting live electrical assets with the use of a thermal image camera to identify potential faults before they inevitably lead to asset failure.

Infrared thermography of electrical equipment is a vital preventive maintenance inspection technique, which can give instant real-time temperature of the electrical equipment. Thermal image inspection can help identify areas of insulation break down, loose connections and areas of abnormally high resistance that would ultimately lead to asset failure. It is also proven to provide substantial cost savings to the user.

To allow the thermal inspection of equipment, integrating Viewsafe with Fluke IR Windows gives users the safest and most effective method of monitoring and maintaining their electrical equipment and assets.

Key features

The use of Viewsafe IR Window Maintenance Slide will:

Increase safety

The Fluke Infrared (IR) Window prevents direct exposure to live electrical assets, and as a result, protects the operator should an arc flash occur during inspection. The IR Window is also impact-resistant for indoor switchgear up to 72kV, in compliance with the ANSI C37.20.2 standard.

Reduce cost

IR Windows are far more cost effective when utilised within Viewsafe. Only a single Viewsafe IR Window Slide is required per installation, as each individual slide operates with any Viewsafe Base Unit. This reduces overall cost on installation as well as providing the user with a much more efficient means of condition monitoring.

Prevent downtime

Regular live inspection of electrical equipment provides a far higher accuracy of information on electrical asset performance. With Viewsafe, the operator is able to inspect assets more frequently vastly reducing the risk of electrical failure, and therefore unplanned downtime and costs.

Viewsafe incorporates the Fluke CLKTO C-Range IR Windows situated upon a Viewsafe Maintenance Slide. The Infrared Window Slide allows personnel to inspect electrical equipment safely, free from the threat of arc-flash. Furthermore, only single IR Window Slide is required per Viewsafe installation.

Infrared Window Demonstration

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The Viewsafe System has attained Internal Arc Classification Standards to 50kA for 1second at 11kV, verified by KEMA and Lloyd’s Register Type Approval, in accordance with IEC 62271-200 Standards