thermal imaging inspection

preventing asset failure caused by insulation breakdown, loose connections and areas of high resistance

Thermal Imaging Inspection – Areas of overheating in electrical switchgear can indicate potential insulation breakdown, connection failure or abnormally high resistance. These can all lead to short circuits, power failure or even fire.

Preventing thermal faults yields a large cost-saving as the cost of new equipment or the damage caused by fire can seriously add up. Regular thermal imaging inspection reduces the risk of these faults developing.

We have invested in the latest infrared thermography equipment and employ highly experienced engineers, trained in the latest techniques, to carry out inspections.

Our team of engineers can provide full thermal imaging inspections and reports for electrical systems, as well as the hot surfaces of engine spaces. You can hire Viewsafe engineers for a single inspection visit, or on a regular maintenance plan to provide testing over a longer period.

Viewsafe Thermal Imaging

viewsafe is able to offer thermal inspection of high voltage electrical switchgear using the state-of-the-art Viewsafe system. Viewsafe is the safest, most reliable and effective method to monitor and maintain electrical equipment.

Increases Safety

The Fluke Infrared (IR) window prevents direct exposure to live electrical assets, which protects the operator should an arc flash occur during inspection. The IR Window is also impact-resistant for indoor switchgear up to 72kV, in compliance with the ANSI C37.20.2 standard.

Reduces Cost

IR Windows are far more cost effective when utilised within Viewsafe. Only a single Viewsafe IR Window Slide is required per installation, as each individual slide operates with any Viewsafe Base Unit. This reduces overall cost on installation as well as providing the user with a much more efficient means of condition monitoring.

Prevents Asset Downtime

Regular live inspectionof electrical equipment provides a far higher degree of accuracy on electrical asset performance. With Viewsafe, the operator can inspect assets more frequently which vastly reduces the risk of electrical failure. This also avoids unplanned downtime and costs.