Viewsafe Base Unit

The Viewsafe safety assured maintenance aperture for electrical switchgear has been designed to integrate the most important safety and functionality features required when inspecting and maintaining live electrical switchgear.

The Viewsafe Base Unit is unique in it’s ability to transform the knowledge and data available on a standard, un-monitored live electrical asset. The Viewsafe design increases personnel safety, data capture and accuracy and efficiency of data collection as well as being one of the highest internal arc classified products in the condition monitoring market.

Key features

Viewsafe’s ultimate strength is it’s functionality, and below you will find some of the key features of the Viewsafe Base Unit:

Safe Inspection

Internal Arc Classification to 50kA for 1second at 11kV, Viewsafe is the highest rated condition monitoring product on the market.

Fully lockable

Key lock access prevents unauthorised admittance to inspect equipment, and fits easily within permit-to-work systems.

On-line inspection

Live on-line inspection of assets whilst guaranteeing personnel safety by ensuring no direct line of exposure between pers- onnel and live equipment.

Increased accuracy

Thermal image, partial discharge and visual inspection of assets delivers the highest accuracy of asset performance data.

Reduced losses

Condition monitoring through all 3 techniques regularly, the risk of potential faults and unplanned downtime is reduced and therefore so are the associated costs.


The Viewsafe Base Unit permits the introduction of various Viewsafe Maintenance Slides, all of which increase efficiency, safety and performance through monitoring and maintaining electrical equipment and switchgear.

​The patent-pending slide apparatus of the Viewsafe Base Unit allows the introduction of varying Maintenance Slides; each of which offers the user an increase in efficiency, asset performance and productivity whilst ensuring a decrease in unplanned asset downtime and unexpected incurred costs.

Viewsafe Base Unit Installation - STEP BY STEP

The Viewsafe System has attained Internal Arc Classification Standards to 50kA for 1second at 11kV, verified by KEMA and Lloyd’s Register Type Approval, in accordance with IEC 62271-200 Standards