viewsafe visual inspection slide

The Visual Inspection Slide provides the operator of Viewsafe with an enlarged viewing port to visually inspect electrical equipment and components inside a panel safely and efficiently.

The use of Viewsafe also removes the need for an electrical panel to be isolated when a visual inspection is required; avoiding both downtime and unnecessary cost.

The large viewing area allows users to identify vital electrical information located on components such as Current/Voltage transformers and ratios, as well as other important electrical information, which may be identified inside the panel.

With the use of temperature measurement strips, personnel have a cost effective and efficient way of monitoring key live connections without the requirement of a thermal image camera.

Visual Inspection Demonstration

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The Viewsafe System has attained Internal Arc Classification Standards to 50kA for 1second at 11kV, verified by KEMA and Lloyd’s Register Type Approval, in accordance with IEC 62271-200 Standards